Our story

Our vision of the future 👇

Great local services with amazing customer service.

We’ve all had a suggestion or issue that we’ve never shared. 

The options out there to do this were often time consuming, hard to find, or public which put us off sharing in the first place. We care about our local services so didn’t want to ‘name and shame’ them or leave bad reviews.

If there was something that only took a second, was private and anonymous and went straight to the manager we would have shared them in a heartbeat. That’s why we created Vocal.


What we’re doing about it 👇

Sharing a suggestion with the manager of local businesses directly should be fast and simple.

Vocal is a service that helps you leave anonymous private comments, straight to managers of local businesses.

You don’t need to create an account to do this, but if you want a reply then leave your email address.



That’s it! It would make our day if you shared just one suggestion now with a business you care about 😍

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